why clinterra?

Clinterra Research Network offers many advantages over both global CROs and independent niche CROs. Just some of these are:

Local knowledge on a global scale: We understand the local differences and working practices of investigators and regulators throughout the global scientific community. This working knowledge and regulatory intelligence saves you time and money

Cost: We have low operating expenses and we pass these on as cost savings to you with clear and transparent accounting. There will be no additional administrative costs for using the Clinterra Research Network as opposed to using a group of unrelated niche CROs.

Processes: We are extremely flexible and can adapt any of our processes to suit your needs. We are quickly and pragmatically reactive as well as proactive.

 • Timelines: We can move quickly and with shorter change turn-around times than larger CROs. Our local knowledge of requirements means shorter trial set-up times with resulting cost savings.

Single point of contact: We offer a one-stop approach. All administration and financial matters will be dealt with by one point of contact

Extensive therapeutic area expertise and experience: Our experienced staff have real-world working knowledge across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

This unique partnership allows each CRO and professional member to continue working as an independent firm within their geographical coverage areas as well as part of a global network to better fulfil all of your clinical trial service needs.